Items Policy

  1. We ship with italian ordinary pack. Italian ordinary packs don't have tracking number and could need several weeks before they reach your home (from 2 weeks to 2 months, it depends on where you live).

  2. Unless you purchased your item with a tracked-pack-shipping-option, we ship with italian ordinary pack.

  3. We do ship tracked packs too. In this case you DON'T have to buy your item here on our bigcartel webstore but you HAVE TO contact us by e-mail ([email protected]). You have to write in the e-mail what items you want to purchase and your address.

    For example:
    - 2x "Masters Of Control" t-shirt (XL size) 
    - 5x "green logo" patches
    - 1x Purple Vinyl "Crimes Against Reality"

    Mario Rossi
    932 5th Avenue 
    Manhattan, New York 10021
    New York

    Then we will tell you how much is the final price you have to pay, including the shipping cost for a tracked-pack-shipping-option. This option is much more expensive than an ordinary pack because the more the pack is heavy the higher the cost is, but in this way you can check, everytime you want it, where your pack is.
    If you accept to proceed, we will ship your stuff WHEN we receive the payment. We do not ship your stuff before your payment is done.
    Once we received your payment and your pack is shipped, we will send you an e-mail with the tracking data and all the infos so you can always check the journey of your pack.
    If you don't receive your tracking number by e-mail, please, send us another mail and we will be back to you as soon as possible.

  4. We don't feel responsible in case your ordinary pack gets lost.
    If you leave us wrong informations about where to ship your ordinary pack (wrong name, wrong address, etc...) and it doesn't reach your home, we don't feel responsible about that and we do not ship another package with the same items for free nor we give you any sort of refund.
    If your ordinary pack doesn't reach your home because of post services' fault (italian or international post services), we don't feel responsible for that loss. In this case you have to contact Italian Post Service and see what to do:

  5. After you ordered your item, we ship it within 10 days.